Mainnet CRO Staking — How to redelegate your stake instantly in order to optimize returns [DeFi Wallet]

Narcis Ciobotariu
2 min readApr 14, 2021


As of now the DeFi Wallet allows us to chose the validator to which we stake our CRO. Not long ago there was no choice in the app and most people got to stake to fixed validators which charged 10–15% commission which is huge.

In case you did there is a simple way to move your stake from a high commission validator to a lower one:

  1. Go in the “Earn” section of the app then tap on CRO in “Assets”:

2. A list of validators where you staked will appear so tap on the 3 dots corresponding to the validator from which you want to redelegate:

3. Multiple actions will appear, tap on “Switch Validator”:

4. In the next page make sure to choose the “To Validator”, in our case it’s “Icy Road”, one of the best community validators with 0% commission.

You might need to scroll for a bit in order to get to your favorite validator

Now you can confirm the switch and your stake should be moved in a few seconds!

After staking or redelegating to a validator I recommend keeping in touch with them one way or another for news or further developments. Having said that I invite you to join our awesome Icy Road community and help us make CRO thrive like never before!

Validator Details: