How to stake Mainnet CRO and optimize returns [DeFi Wallet]

The CRO mainnet launched and now CRO can be staked with really high APY. In case you want to stake and earn extra while holding CRO long term then here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the main page and then tap on “Cronos”:

2. Tap on “Available in Defi Earn”:

3. Make sure the chain is set to “” and then tap on “CRO Staking”:

4. Input how much CRO you want to stake then proceed to chose the validator. Make sure to choose a validator you trust, some charge as much as 20% commission which is huge. In our case we will pick “Icy Road”, one of the best community validators right now which is offering 0% commission.

Now you can confirm the stake and enjoy the staking rewards!

After staking to a validator I recommend keeping in touch with them one way or another for news or further developments. Having said that I invite you to join our awesome Icy Road community and help us make CRO thrive like never before!

Validator Details:



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