The CRO mainnet launched and now CRO can be staked with really high APY. In case you want to stake and earn extra while holding CRO long term then here is how to do it:

  1. Go in the “Earn” section and then tap on “Earn More”:

2. Chose the coin CRO and input how much you want to stake in the screen after this one:

As of now the DeFi Wallet allows us to chose the validator to which we stake our CRO. Not long ago there was no choice in the app and most people got to stake to fixed validators which charged 10–15% commission which is huge.

In case you did there is a simple way to move your stake from a high commission validator to a lower one:

  1. Go in the “Earn” section of the app then tap on CRO in “Assets”:

2. A list of validators where you staked will appear so tap on the 3 dots corresponding to the validator…

Who else staked CRO on the mobile DeFi Wallet and had no other option but to stake to an predefined validator with 10–15% commission?

Turns out you are not alone, plenty of us did it and this led to giving a single entity almost 90% of the stake but there is a better way!

The protocol actually allows people to move their stake from a validator to another instantly without unstaking, right now this function is not implemented in the mobile wallet but can be done through the Desktop Wallet so here is how to do it:

  1. Download the Desktop…

Narcis Ciobotariu

Currently working on the Icy Road CRO Validator

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